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Terms & Conditions


1. ACDS will take every precaution within our power to prevent any potential threat of damage to the item(s), however we cannot rule out every possibility of damage.

2. ACDS require payment for our services before ANY action is processed.

3. Once the packing and shipping quotation has been accepted by the client/consignee the terms and conditions are therefore applied.  Packing quotations are based on weight, size, materials and labour. Most carriers use volumetric measurements to calculate the cost of carriage.  Quotes given are only approximate and are subject to change after packing and weighing.  Whilst ACDS will use reasonable endeavours to meet any milestone dates set out in the quote, such dates are approximate only, and time of performance is not of the essence.  ACDS are not responsible for service transit time. Transit times are provided by the carrier, exclude weekends and holidays, and may vary with package origin and destination, particularly during peak periods.

4.  The Customer acknowledges that the carriage of Goods will be on the standard terms and conditions of the Courier/Carrier used. Copies of such terms and conditions are available from the Supplier or Carrier upon request.


No Protection items - considered Restricted and therefore are automatically not covered:

The following items (or any item similar in description or content) can only be carried on a no protection basis on any service.

Any person requiring the sending of such an item does so at their own risk;  ACDS take NO responsibility for any restricted items damaged in transit

Ceramics / Porcelain / China / Stone - Items Made Or Consisting Of Porcelain Or Similar Including Tiles, Alabaster, Concrete, Crockery, Granite, Marble, Vase, Plaster, Pottery, Plates, Resin Etc.

Delicate Items

Fishing Rods

Fragile Items (all)

Glass Items Of Any Type - Including Glassware, Crystal, Bulbs, Screens, Fiberglass, Fish Tanks, Mirrors, Spectacles, Window, Perspex Etc.

Lenses, Display Cases

Lights, Lighting, Lamps, Lampshades, Chandeliers Etc.

Musical instruments (all) not boxed in a hard case

Packaging - Including The Box, Media Packaging, Suitcases/Flight Cases Used As Packaging Etc

Pewter Figures

Precious Metals And Stones - Including Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Gems, Gemstones, Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Amber, Pearl Etc. (Including In Jewellery Form)

Records of any type or material - wax, shellac, resin, vinyl etc

Small Vehicle Parts Including Headlights, Taillights, Gearboxes, Motorcycle Parts Etc.

Stoneware, Statues, Statuettes, Marble, Alabaster -  Items Made Or Consisting Of



Works of Art - Oils on canvas; Oils on board; Watercolours, Signed and/or Limited Edition Prints, all including the canvas, paper, mount, frame and/or glass.  If the customer requires any artwork to be unframed, this will automatically not be covered.


Items Protected For Loss Only:

The services provided to us by the couriers will send the following items, however, they will not protect for any damage and therefore ACDS will not cover these items either.  These items are sent entirely at the customer's responsibility.

If the item is lost within their network they will refund the cost of the carriage and the items value (Parcel protection must be taken out for any loss to be claimed).   ACDS take NO responsibility for any items protected for loss only items damaged in transit.

Antiques, Items Over 100 Years Old.


Coffee Machine, Coffee Grinder, Coffee Roaster

Cycles, Bicycles, Unicycles, Tricycles.

Dinner Sets

Electrical Appliances That Are Not Considered White Goods Such As Cameras, Monitors, Computers, All In One Computers, Drones, Lamps, Laptops, Scanners, TV, Projector Or Any Item Similar In Description Or Content.


Furniture - Including Objects Such As Tables, Chairs, Desks, Beds Or Large Electronic Devices (Must Be Within The Service Dimensions)

Knitting Machine, Sewing Machine or similar


Models, Kits

Musical Instruments Including Guitars, Amplifiers, Speakers, Turntables, Violins, Keyboards Etc. All Musical Instruments Must Be Sent In A Hard Case And Boxed.

Ornaments (Must Not Be Made From Non-Protected Materials Like Glass, Porcelain Etc.)

Suitcase - A Suitcase Will Not Be Protected If This Is Used As Packaging For Internal Items.

Telescope, Microscope

Wall Decor Items Including Canvas Prints, Clocks, Framed Pictures, unframed Pictures, Posters, Prints, Paintings.  Must not contain any non-protected materials such as glass.

Any item that is sold as Damaged, AF (As Found/All Faults) or Damaged Repaired, either through the Auctioneer's catalogue description or photographs, or through our own inspection will automatically NOT be covered.  

Any item that is deemed Prohibited, either via Domestic or International mail/courier service will automatically NOT be covered for loss or damage by either ourselves or the Carrier; ACDS take NO responsibility for any prohibited items.  It is the client's responsibility to check whether an item is deemed restricted or prohibited in their own country of residence/destination country and to inform ACDS accordingly.

This list is subject to change and or alteration without notice.  

5. Any specialist instructions regarding packing MUST be stated at the time of quotation.  From experience we will NOT mark an item 'Fragile' as we have found to our detriment that it is not helpful nor does it ensure that the item receives the respect that it deserves.

6. The Service will commence upon the collection of the Goods from the Auctioneer and will conclude once the Package has been dispatched by ACDS to the Carrier, at which point the Services are deemed complete by ACDS and the Goods are no longer the responsibility of ACDS.

7. In appointing the Carrier, ACDS shall in acting as agent for the Customer, NOT be liable for any acts or omissions by the Carrier, including but not limited to any liabilities, costs, claims, demands or expenses arising from:

(a)               ANY loss or damage to the Goods;

(b)               ANY failure or delay to delivery or non-delivery of the Goods and that the Customer accepts that any statement made by ACDS as to the possible date of delivery of the Goods by the Carrier is merely a statement of opinion by ACDS and is not a representation on behalf of the Carrier.

8. If a parcel is returned to ACDS as either undeliverable (for example but not limited to: no-one available at the address to receive or sign for), or unclaimed after attempted delivery, any redelivery costs will be met in full by the customer in order to resend; ACDS will not be liable for this cost as per item 6 above, our services are deemed complete once the item passed to the Carrier originally.

9. If a parcel arrives damaged or with contents missing, the client/consignee must contact ACDS within 2 days of receipt.  ACDS will require photographic evidence of any damage from the consignee to prove the condition of the item. All of the packaging MUST be photographed and retained for collection by the carrier concerned (photographs to be forwarded to ACDS). Items must have not been modified, changed, tampered with, altered or repaired in any form, as this will invalidate any claim.  This does NOT include any restricted items, as they are automatically NOT covered (see point 4 above). Any claim where packaging has been deliberately left out of evidence photographs will automatically be rejected as this behaviour is deemed to be dishonest and fraudulent.

10. ACDS will ensure that the Goods are (at a minimum) packaged to the standard required by the Carrier.

11. It is the Client's/consignee's responsibility to ensure any required legal documents such as CITES, export documents, certificates and licenses etc are obtained and supplied to ACDS prior to the packing and despatch of the package(s).

12. If there are any issues regarding the description and or condition of an item, it is the consignee's responsibility to discuss the matter with the Auction House through which it was purchased.


13. It is the Client/Consignee's responsibility to ensure the correct address details are provided to ACDS (details on the buyer's invoice from the auction house may not be complete or correct) as carriers will charge for redirecting packages.  If there are any incorrect address details and the package(s) are redirected to the correct address, the charge for this service will be passed to the Client/Consignee.  No refunds or compensation will be given for incorrectly labelled parcels.

14. ACDS is a shipping company and NOT a storage facility. Subject to prior arrangement, we are happy to hold items where shipping has been paid for in order to assist the customer, however if unpaid items remain with us after one week and we have no contrary written advice of your intentions, the items will be moved to storage and reasonable labour charges levied and be subject to storage fees at the rate of £2 per parcel/package per day for smaller items (one person carry) and £5 per package per day for any paintings and larger items (two person carry).  This satisfies the requirements of the Consumer Rights Bill (2014).

If payment is not received within a further 56 days ACDS reserves the right to dispose of any goods to recover all costs incurred.  During this period goods are stored at the Customer's risk.

15. Accounts are due for settlement once invoices have been issued.  

There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy. To avoid undue embarrassment for yourself or our staff, please do not ask for preferential treatment.

16. Late payment penalties: An account remaining outstanding after 7 days will have a £20 administration charge applied. We require payment to terms. Payment must be made on time, in full, and without any deduction, set off or counterclaim.

Failure to pay these fees will result in items being sold to recover outstanding debt.

17. Under NO circumstances will abusive behaviour or language be tolerated, either over the telephone or via emails.  Any such behaviour will result in instant cease of business, blocking of telephone numbers and email addresses.

18.  ACDS hours of business for taking telephone calls are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.  Calls outside of these hours will be considered a nuisance and will be ignored.  Calls after 8pm will be considered abusive (see point 17 above).

Contact can always be made via email.


ACDS’s Terms and Conditions are constantly reviewed and subject to change at any time.